Looking for the best cookbooks for kid chefs? Discover Dinner Detectives, the children's book series bringing kids’ cookbook recipes to life.

Looking for the best cookbooks for kid chefs? Whether your child is the next Jamie Oliver or doesn’t know the difference between tomatoes and potatoes, Dinner Detectives are full of kids’ cookbook recipes that all children will love.

Through the power of storytelling, Dinner Detectives brings kids’ cookbook recipes to life through exploring the history behind some of our favourite foods.

Join Clementine and her brother Aksel as they learn about the stories behind the foods that they encounter in their city.

Get taken back to ancient China to discover the origins of dumplings. Meet their creator, Zhang Zhongjing, to learn about how his dumplings kept his village healthy through the harsh Chinese winter.

Chow down on these healthy delights, a Chinese New Year staple, as you re-live the story of Nian, the fearsome beast that was defeated by one brave little girl.

Stroll down the streets of Bologna, Italy’s city of towers. Bring kids’ cookbook recipes for pasta to life by creating your own tagliatelle al ragu, a Bolognese favourite.

Eat your way through the origins of pasta, as you follow Marco Polo’s voyage through the Middle East all the way to Beijing, bringing noodles back with him.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the book ends! Every Dinner Detectives book comes with a featured recipe, making it one of the best cookbooks for kid chefs.

Dinner Detectives is a collaboration between two dads with a passion for storytelling. Author Yves Stening and illustrator Nigel Buchanan met at the school that their children attend. They were inspired by the culinary offering of their multicultural city, and how different cultures and histories have shaped the food that we all enjoy today.

With illustrations, easy-to-read language and kids’ cookbook recipes, your kids will discover foods from around the globe, brought to life through the history and folklore that surrounds them.

A Fearsome Beast and a Dumpling Feast and A Tangled Tale of Tagliatelle are already being devoured by children nation-wide, with The Legend Lurking in your Lunchbox due to fill bellies in 2018. As one of the best cookbooks for kid chefs on the market, sink your teeth into Dinner Detectives.