Discover more than just cooking in Dinner Detectives, an Australian series of children’s books about food and eating.

From overcoming fussy eating to fostering a love of cooking, children’s books about food are a great tool to help kids develop a good relationship with food.

Through the power of storytelling, Dinner Detectives take children on a journey through history and culture, exploring the stories behind some of our favourite foods in these children’s books about eating.

Join Clementine and her brother Aksel as they learn about their favourite cuisines in these acclaimed children’s books about food. Through riveting illustrations and easy-to-read language, your kids will discover foods from around the globe, which are brought to life through the history and folklore that surrounds them.

Begin your culinary journey in Chinatown, before travelling back in time to ancient China.

Find yourself amid Chinese New Year celebrations, re-live the story of Nian, the fearsome beast that was defeated by one brave little girl. Discover the recipe for Zhang Zhongjing’s dumplings, which kept his village healthy through the harsh winter.

Next, find yourself in Bologna, Italy, the home of tagliatelle. Eat your way through the origins of pasta, as you follow Marco Polo’s voyage to bring back noodles from China.

With so many literary food safaris to follow, these children’s books about food will excite kids about cooking and eating.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop when the book ends! As children’s books about eating, every Dinner Detectives book comes with a featured recipe, so the whole family can get involved in preparing the foods you’ve just learnt about.

Dinner Detectives is a collaboration between two dads with a passion for children’s storytelling. Author Yves Stening and illustrator Nigel Buchanan met at the school that their children attend. Both were inspired to create children’s books about food that told the stories of their multicultural city.

These children’s books about food immerse kids in the cultural history of well-known foods, encouraging them to be more curious and adventurous when it comes to eating. 

 A Fearsome Beast and a Dumpling Feast and A Tangled Tale of Tagliatelle are already being devoured by children nation-wide, with The Legend Lurking in your Lunchbox due to fill bellies in 2018. Feed your hunger for children’s books about eating with the Dinner Detectives.