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Travel back in time and around the world uncovering magical stories behind the food we eat every day.

I can’t wait to see the other cases of the Dinner Detectives when they come out.

Unsolved Cases

CASE 101, 

Case #101

A Fearsome Beast and a Dumpling Feast

It’s Chinese New Year, a time for feasting. But children beware, a hungry beast is looking for you! 

Join Dinner Detectives Clementine and Aksel in their first adventure as they travel back in time and around the world to uncover magical stories behind why Chinese eat dumplings at New Year.

Then celebrate with your own bowl of Aunt Lily's delicious dumplings. Yum!

Find her easy-to-follow recipe inside. 

Dinner Detectives; A Tangled Tale of Tagliatelle.jpg

Case #102

A Tangled Tale of Tagliatelle

Sophia, the new girl next door, likes football. She's also a super-sleuth of pasta!  

Join our intrepid trio as they travel from ancient Rome to a fabled medieval meeting with the feared Mongol emperor,  Kublai Khan, and uncover the ancient origins of pasta.

Celebrate with Sophia's dad's delicious tagliatelle al ragu. Yum!      

Find his easy-to-follow recipe inside. 

Dinner Detectives; The Legend Lurking in your Lunchbox

Case #103

The Legend Lurking in Your Lunchbox

"Sandwich ... sand wich ... sand witch!  What a funny word ... But why is a sandwich a sandwich?"

Sniffing out the answer to this riddle, Dinner Detectives Clementine and Aksel discover pacific islands with a Captain named 'Cook', a card game with an Earl named 'Sandwich' and a whole group of people called 'Hamburgers'!

Celebrate with Clementine's own delicious chicken on rye sandwich. Yum!

Find her easy-to-follow recipe inside. 

Recommended! This is the first in the Dinner Detectives series, and readers will want to follow their future adventures to uncover the origins of pasta and sandwiches.
— ReadPlus
We just read your new book, I am three years old. We love your book, and we are going to make dumplings! Thank you very much
— reader, via email
Dinner Detectives
... such a good book it made me feel like I was in a whole new world. I liked the way they used the different facts and turned them into a story. My favourite part of the book was when the little girl was fighting off the Nian. That’s why I loved the book.
— reader